Micro-dissection needles come in different length, straight or bent, and with various tip angles.

Standard shafts are 3/32" (2,4 mm) in diameter and are compatible with most hand pieces.

The most common micro-dissection needle is straight, 5 cm long (overall length). Sometimes this needle is called the "3 cm needle", referring to the exposed length extending from the hand piece.

Depending on the manufacturer, most micro-dissection needles come with red, blue, or green insulation.

The main difference between manufacturers is the tip geometry and the tip radius. The original patented tips have a radius of 5 my (0.005 mm). 3 my or smaller tip radii are often used in plastic surgery or neurosurgery.

The micro-dissection needles come sterile and packaged individually, and most are single use instruments. Due to the properties of the insulation, these instruments cannot be sterilized at high temperature (autoclave).